2021_Year in Review

2021_Thirsy Nomad Year in Review

2021 was a big year for the team here at The Thirsty Nomad. After launching our flagship caravan water filter, the “5 in 1” in 2020, we have seen steady and continuted growth throughout 2021. We kicked off the year by engaging the R&D team to develop our freshwater creek draw kit. The team spent many long hours both in the laboratory and in the field. After 9 long months, the team had finally launched our 12 Volt Creek Draw Kit. There was alot of fluid dynamics, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering that went into the design. We also had the Creek Draw Kit tested and certified to Australian Electrical Standards.

By April of 2021, we had lodged a patent application with IP Australia for our flagship caravan water filter, the “5 in 1” purifier. Thanks to the hard work of all the team, our Patent was granted in October 2021 for a period of 8 years. 

Just when we thought the R&D team had not had enough work , they launched our Bore Water & Sediment pre-filter. Many of our customers were seeking a cost effective solution to treat the mineralised bore water they often encountered in their travels. Bore water can often (but not always) contain dissolved minerals of calcium, magnesium and iron. Also, many water sources often contain fine sediment particles that will lessen the life of your caravan pumps and your filters. For this reason we launched our 1 Micron Sediment & Bore Water pre-filter. A sediment filter is the first stage of treatment in any good water treatment system. 

We encourage our customers to fill their tanks with our high flow, bore water & sediment filter and then purify the water in their van at the point of source – either after the van pump or under your sink in the cold water line. 

Safe Travels Friends. 

The Thirsty Nomad Pty Ltd 

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