12mm fittings

If you have 12mm water lines our 12mm push fittings range will enable you to easily in install both our 3 in 1 and our 5 in 1 Filter.

First, a little bit about the quality of the Thirsty Nomad Push Fittings:
Thirsty Nomad fittings features:
  • The Thirsty Nomad push fittings have a collet (gripper) with stainless steel teeth which hold the pipe firmly in position and an ‘O’ ring to provide a permanent leak proof seal
  • Suitable for food: FDA and NSF certification for non-toxic materials
  • Quality: Manufactured in an IS9000 certified facility.
  • Tested to 10-15 kg of water hammer, 50,000 hr consecutive anti-fatigue test, 40 kg compression test leakage.