16mm Pex, or 12mm or ¼” Complete RV Water Purifying Kit

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Caravan Water Filters

The Thirsty Nomad complete purification and filtration kit. A complete water purifying filter kit.

The kit comes complete with all parts required for hassle free connection to an existing 16mm PEX, 12mm push-in pipe water system or a ¼” water pipe system.

Kit includes push-on fittings meaning the entire system can be installed in a matter of minutes, no matter what your skill level.

The kit includes a 12mm and ¼” push fittings whichever you require, then all components required to join the included 1.5m of 6mm water line to the purifier 1/2" BSP inlet and 1/2" BSP outlet fittings.
The filter can be mounted HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL inside a cupboard with the two C-bracket clips. (the replaceable filter un-screws out of the inlet and outlet fittings for easy replacement). The included water line then joins the included spout with trigger.
The stainless-steel lead-free NSF certified faucet would normally be placed in your bench top, along side your normal tap.

The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 Purifying filter rated at 7,500 litres or 12 months.

The Thirsty Nomad combines the power of high quality carbon fiber block down to 5 micron an Activated Filter Media with a self sterilising surface, rated to 1 micron absolute plus the power of Quantum Disinfection™ which has a disinfection rating of 6 log reduction = 99.9999% and a micron equivalent rating of 0.001 - all rated to NSF Disinfection Protocol 231.
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