Bore Water & Sediment Filter

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Granular activated carbon filters are not the right filter for filling tanks.

Water scientists have all known this for a long time.

Granular activated carbon filters will quickly clog with Australian Bore Water.

GAC fitlers cannot reduce the dissolved minerals found in Australian Bore Water

Protect your applicances

Fill your tanks with the RIGHT type of water filter, then purify your water in the van with our "5 in 1" purifier

High flow, expansive surface area

5 micron polyspun sediment filter removes visible particulate matter, dirt, sand, dust, and debris & turbidity from water

Within the core of our sediment fitler is Corosex® Media

Corosex media raises the Ph in hard water to provide balance and improved taste.

Corosex media is a food grade media, certified to NSF 60

Corosex media reduces the dissolved minerals of calcium, magnesium and iron

These minerals oxidise and a bacteria film then clogs carbon filters.

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