1 Micron Sediment, Suction Hose & "5 in 1" Purifier Kit

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For those who already have an onboard creek draw system - and just need the purification kit!
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Alread have a suction intake system in your camper?


Sediment, Suction Hose & Purifier Kit will complete your creek draw water purification needs.

Kit includes:

✅ The Thirsty Nomad "5 in 1" water purifier offering our Austrailan Patented 5 Stage Water Purification Process

Stage 1. 1 Micron Activated Media kills 95% of harmful pathogens and reduces sediment load

Stage 2. 5 Micron carbon fibre block reduces colour, taste & odour

Stage 3. Heavy Metal Removal

Stage 4. Anti-Bacterial barrier protects carbon fibre block from bacterial colonisation

Stage 5. Quantum Disinfection media kills 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses in 0.1 second and meets NSF Protocol 231 for Water Disinfection.

✅ 1-micron inline Sediment Filter with fittings, float and intake cage

✅ 4 metres of Suction Hose including hose fittings

✅ All packed within compact Hose Bag for neat compact storage.

✅ Use the 1-micron Sediment Filter in the creek and draw up water from the creek using our suciton hose and then purify your water through the Thirsty Nomad "5 in 1" after your pump.

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