Thirsty Nomad Patent Awarded

The Thirsty Nomad is pleased to announce the granting of our Innovation Patent for our “5 in 1” caravan water filter by IP Australia.

“This is a major milestone for The Thirsty Nomad and we are pleased to have our caravan water filter design recognised and protected by IP Australia” said founder Tory Shenstone.

The term of the patent is for eight years from the 20 August 2021.

Robert Schultz, a Thirsty Nomad founder is listed as the name of the inventor of the caravan water filter on the Patent granted by IP Assigned to The Thirsty Nomad.

“We are proud of Robert and his achievements with regards to the complex nature of caravan water dynamics” said founder Tory Shenstone.

The Thirsty Nomad is grateful to the many quality suppliers and partners that have assisted the Company in this milestone achievement.

Notably, Dr Cristian Chis of Claire Technologies, USA, inventor of Quantum DisinfectionTM media for his advice and support.

The process of applying for a Process Patent is not an easy one but the dedication, long hours and efforts have been today recognised by IP Australia.

The Process Patent covers the design and processes contained within The Thirsty Nomad’s “5 in 1” caravan water filter that purifies.

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