12 Volt Portable Purifier Launched

The Thirsty Nomad is pleased to announce the official launch of our 12 Volt Portable Purifier Kit.
Responding to overwhelming demand from the caravan sector, the team at The Thirsty Nomad have developed a portable 12-volt, battery powered portable water purifier kit.
The portable water purifier can turn any freshwater river or creek water in clean, fresh, microbiologically safe drinking water with just the flick of a switch.
The portable pump and purifier can purify 100 litres of water in just 25 minutes. The portable kit weighs just 5.7kg’s and is about the size of a shoebox – perfect for the space and weight conscious off-roader.
“Our portable purifier is designed for those adventurers who want to stay off grid longer and not have to venture back into town for water supplies” said Thirsty Nomad founder Tory Shenstone.
The Thirsty Nomad has partnered with reputable and solid Australian local companies to supply component parts to the portable purifier kit.
Importantly, the Thirsty Nomad Portable Purifier Kit is the only certified water purifier kit that is certified to all Australian Electrical Standards.
“This is a major milestone for The Thirsty Nomad and opens up entirely new markets for the company’s growth and expansion” said founder Tory Shenstone.
Many thanks must go to The Thirsty Nomad engineering design team.

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