Quantum DisinfectionTM - Nanotechnology

The Quantum DisinfectionTM media

What it does?

Quantum DisinfectionTM is a new generation of nano-composite materials with activated surfaces that kills pathogens like bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus, Legionella, etc.), viruses (MS2) and protozoa (Cryptosporidium) form water, with no power, no chemicals and no maintenance.

How does it work?

Quantum Disinfection TM (QD) is a revolutionary technology, exclusive to the Thirsty Nomad in Australia. QD has 7 patents worldwide.
QD uses the quantum mechanic principals of electron movement and doping, in order to create powerful catalysts with highly activated surfaces; applied since 2011 for water and air disinfection.
A quantum leap away from the classical methods (chlorine, alcohol, bromide, ozone or UV), Quantum Disinfection TM uses a discharged surface (positive quantum field) that attracts electrons. Water, or air, simply has to pass over the Quantum Disinfection ceramics and the microorganisms (negatively charged) are instantly killed.

How efficient is it.

The best results from several institutions and certified laboratories show a 99.9999% elimination for bacteria (E.coli) and >99.99% for viruses (MS2). 

In 2021, the Thirsty Nomad’s 5 in 1 purifier underwent independent laboratory testing from NATA accredited Australian laboratory Symbio.  

From a water sample taken at Collages Crossing on the Brisbane River, after a 150mm rain event, The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 eliminated E-Coli from a high count of 600 CFU/100 mL down to <1. 

From a water sample taken from a rural roof rainwater house tank, The Thirsty Nomad 3 in 1 eliminated E-Coli from a count of 10 down to <1. 

Does it have any certifications?

Yes. QD media has:
NSF/ANSI 42 (Certificate #: C0292640-01)
NSF/ANSI 61 (Certificate #: 23033)
Certificate Ministry of Health – China (Certificate #: 2015KF2513)
Tested and Certified against NSF Protocol 231 – which certifies that a drinking water treatment product acts as a microbiological purifier.

Is QD a filter?
No. It is a disinfection media.
Besides, just like UV (Ultrafiltration), QD needs primary filtration (at least 5 micron) to work properly, otherwise the activated site can be clogged.

Does QD media leach anything into the water? 
No, QD does not leach anything into the water, no ions, no chemicals. All the bactericidal action happens due to the strong catalytic field at the surface of the QD ceramics. Quantum Disinfection™ media is component certified to NSF 42, meaning it does not leach anything into the water.


The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 Purifiers

Ultrafiltraiton to 0.01 Micron and 
Quantum Disinfection to 0.001 Micron equivalent 

Giardia Trophozite
12 – 15 Micron Long
5 – 7 Microns Wide

Giardia Cyst
8 – 12 Micron Long


4 – 6 Micron Long

3 – 8 Micron Long
0.5 – 0.8 Micron Diameter


0.004 to 0.1 microns