Our values

We have purpose
We start small, we set achieveable goals, we plan our time and  we have a “purpose”, a “why”. We try to be informed and prepared.  We are ‘interested’ and always open to learn. Our guiding principal has always been to create a “business for purpose” rather than a “purpose for business” so we created the Thirsty Nomad with a clear focus to be socially, morally and ethically responsible in all ways.

We are responsibile
We provide our team with the training and education needed to do their jobs well. We take our obligations under the ACCC seriously 

We care
We look at our product as a product of purpose, we aim to provide enduring benefit. We think about what we’re doing as we would to people we love. We try to spread only positivity, purpose and joy. 

We innovate
We embrace the latest in water science technologies. We always ask, “can it be better”. There is always a better way. 

We are kind
We choose kindness. Nothing is a problem and we always do what is honest and fair.