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Robert Schultz

Water Product Developer &
Co-Founder | Australia

Chief Technical Officer, Chief Executive Officer & Founder 

Over 40 years scientific R&D and business development experience. An experienced water product designer, specialising in drinking water disinfection and purification. International Consultant in the application of water purification medias and microbiologically safe water treatment systems. Extensive experience in international business development having commercialised the application of global drinking water treatment technologies througout South East Asia, China and India.

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Robert Schultz, Thirsty Nomad's Water Product Developer & Co-Founder at our Australian Laboratory in Brisbane.

Silvie Fu

Overseas Operations Manager

Silvie has been in the Drinking Water Filter industry for over twenty years. She has worked at the senior management level in marketing design, product development, procurement / logistics and manufacturing quality control.

Silvie’s international experience in the Japanese, South Korean and Taiwan water filter markets has provided her valuable experience and expertise in evolving technology of the point of use drinking water industry.

Silvie is The Thirsty Nomad’s liaison with various manufacturers. She is responsible for procurement / export documentation and shipping to our company warehouse facility in Brisbane, Australia.

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Dr Cristian Chis

PhD Chemistry

Inventor of Quantum DisinfectionTM media

inventor of quantum disinfection (electron attraction as a quantum method of disinfection based on microchip and photocatalysis principles).

Cristian Chis, PhD, is from Romania and was educated in France, where he developed a passion for nanotechnologies, especially for active nanosurfaces. He is the co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Claire Technologies, Inc. Chis has multiple PhDs, an engineering degree, is also a research engineer, international and French patent holder and has been published too many times to count.  


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inline water filter for caravan
inline water filter for caravan
caravan water filter kit

IP Australia Innovation Patent # 2021106161 granted to The Thirsty Nomad for our “5 in 1” Purifier on the 13th October 2021 for a term of 8 years.