New 5 in 1 Purifier

Activated Carbon Fibre – remarkable ability to adsorb toxic chemicals; increases removal of chlorine; improves taste – Japan

Heavy Metal removal – Metsorb HMRG – Graver Technologies – USA

Filtration to 1 micron (“AFM”) – Dryden Technologies – Europe

Quantum Disinfection – Nanotechnology kills harmful pathogens in 0.1 second.

Product Technology Development – Australia

Kills harmful E.coli to safe drinking water guidelines

A pure, refreshing drinking water experience

The Ultimate tank fill SOLUTION: 1 micron Sediment/Bore water pre- filter

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"It's Good Water!"

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The COMPLETE caravan water treatment system - INSIDE & OUT

"Not all Filters are made equally"

"9000 Kms, 9 Weeks... No Crap!"

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Go beyond filters which CANNOT MEET
Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for removal of harmful pathogens and E. coli bacteria

The Thirsty Nomad water treatment system has verified scientific microbiological test results
That meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in removal of harmful E. coli.

At The Thirsty Nomad, we’re not just another faceless corporation—we’re a small Australian company driven by passion and dedication to ensuring safe, mineral balanced water from rural and remote contaminated drinking water sources.

As a water science product developer and factory-direct supplier, my personal goal is to provide you, our valued customers, with the HIGHEST QUALITY INLINE DRINKING WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

I am fully committed to provide exceptional customer service by personally answering your inquires.

Robert Schultz,
The Thirsty Nomad

inline water filter for caravan