Installation Guide

Thirsty Nomad Installaion Guide
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The Thirsty Nomad purifiers are designed for use as EITHER a point of use purifier (i.e installed under your sink) or as a tank fill purifier using standard hose connections. The choice is yours.

The “5 in 1” is the highest level of protection, ideal for the off-roader, those with compromised immunse systems, young families, or those drawing from rivers and streams. For purifying natural waters that have turbidity.

When you checkout at our online store – you’ll be asked to select your installation/use option, either Tank Fill or Permanent use – included in your Thirsty Nomad purifier price are straight push fittings for both 12mm and 6mm water line, and if you wish to use your Thirsty Nomad to fill your tanks, we send you the requisite brass fittings that fit standard hose connections. 

Download Installation Guide HERE

The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 Purifiers down to:

0.01 Micron and 
0.001 Micron equivalent 

A cracker little install video thanks to Evan Box from Cape Palmerston Holiday Park

Giardia Trophozite
12 – 15 Micron Long
5 – 7 Microns Wide

Giardia Cyst
8 – 12 Micron Long


4 – 6 Micron Long

3 – 8 Micron Long
0.5 – 0.8 Micron Diameter

0.004 to 0.1 microns