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Thirsty Nomad 1 Micron Absolute Activated Media. NSF50 & NSF61 Certified. Self Sterilising Surface.
Before we go through each stage, please understand – this caravan water purifier is a highly engineered and sophisticated purifier and is designed to treat clear water inline into a dedicated cold water drinking water line under your sink to a dedicated drinking water tap. PLEASE do not run dirty water through our purifier and PLEASE USE OUR PRE-FILTER TO FILL YOUR TANKS. Our purifier is not designed to treat every drop of water in your shower and in your bathroom vanity – this will expend the 7,500 litre life of our purifier very quickly.  
Purifying every drop of water you use just isn’t neccessary when caravanning, if you want to treat your shower water – it would be more economical to install a cheap carbon filter into your water line that feeds the shower. The Thirsty Nomad purifier is a dedicated drinking water purifier to keep you safe and free from illness for use in your drinking and cooking water.  Our purifier has not been designed for tank fill use, we have a dedicated 1 micron and bore water pre-filter that is ideally suited to fill tanks to pre-treat the water before going through our highly engineered water purifier. 
    1. Heavy Metal Removal
      Heavy metal removel of iron, lead, zine, copper, mercury chormium and cadmium via catalytic carbon fibre specifically designed with an emphasis on removing high levels of heavy metals as well as all the other contaminants removed by carbon filtration.

      Our carbon fibers contain hydrophilic chelating (selective affinity toward heavy-metal ions) ion-exchange fibers . The fibers create a large, long surface area that provides an uninterrupted flow path matrix for the water. Hydrophilic fibers offer negligible flow resistance to fluids; the same adsorption bed composed of the same diameter particles has high-flow resistance. Water likes to flow along the hydrophilic fibers and its flow is also assisted by the capillary suction. Carbon fiber blocks offer a much smaller particle size as compared to standard granular actived carbon. Our chelating ion-exchange fibers (chelation-specific irreversible binding of heavy-metal ions via complex formation) provide superior removal of heavy metals.

    2. Bacteriostatic Medical Grade Treatment Medical grade, nano coated silver, copper, titanium bacteriostatic treatment protects carbon fibers from up to 99.9% of bacteria from reproducing and colonising inside of the carbon fibers. While not necessarily killing the bacteria, this prevents colonisation and reproducton of bacteria within the carbon fibers. This bacteriostatic treatment is effective in further reducing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium.

    3. 5 micron Activated Carbon Fiber Block 
      Activated Carbon Fiber is a fibrous adsorbent that is 10x more absorbent than traditional activated carbon. Activated Carbon Fiber removes chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, discoloration, improves taste, and more. Activated carbon fibers (ACF) are a breakthrough technology owing to their fibrous structure, high porosity, high volumetric capacity, excellent packing density, fast adsorption kinetics, good porous storage capacity and ease of handling. High chlorine reduction capacity, low pressure drop, high chemical adsoroptive capacity. 5 micron filtration, no chemical binders used. The advantages of using fibers in activated carbon filters for water are a high flow rate, longer filter life and a more compact filter volume.
    4. 1 micron Activated Filter Media 
      Our Activated Filter Media is manufactured under ISO9001-2015 conditions and is certified under DWI EC Reg31, NSF50 & NSF61 for potable water use and HACCP certified for the food and drink market. Our 1 micron activated media will remove organics and microplastics from water. Any non polar chemical will be more difficult to dissolve into water and it will tend to float like oil, or be adsorbed on to a non polar hydrophobic surface.
      Organic matters are the precursor for the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs), including chloroform. Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and highly mesopourous structure, our activated media can filter much finer particles and approximately 50% more organic substances than carbon. Self-sterilizing surface. 
      Fully resistant to bacterial growth
    5. 0.001 micron Quantum Disinfection media
      Quantum Disinfection™ media destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses via a catalytic reaction whereby the electrons inside the pathogens are irretrievably attracted by the positively charged surface. The large surface-to-volume ratio of nanoparticles enhances the adsorption of chemical and biological particles, while enabling the separation of contaminants at very low concentrations. The catalytic reaction causes the entire structure of the microorganisms to collapse on a molecular scale. In less than 0.1 seconds, the pathogen ceases to exist completely
inline water filter for caravan

The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 Purifiers down to: 

5 Micron

1 Micron

0.001 Micron 

best water filter for caravan

Giardia Trophozite
12 – 15 Micron Long
5 – 7 Microns Wide

caravan water filter kit

Giardia Cyst
8 – 12 Micron Long

caravan water filter kit

4 – 6 Micron Long

inline water filter for caravan

3 – 8 Micron Long
0.5 – 0.8 Micron Diameter

inline water filter for caravan

0.004 to 0.1 microns