5 in 1 Purifying Filter

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The highest level of protection on the market, ideal for the off-roader, those with compromised immune systems, young families, or those wanting to purify water from rivers and streams.

  • Quantum Disinfection™ certified to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Disinfection rating of 6 log reduction = 99.9999% reduction
  • Ultrafiltration technology - the same technology used by military and emergency aid agencies.
  • Ultrafiltration pore size down to 0.01 micron (most filters stop at 1 micron)
  • Quantum Disinfection™ electrochemical micron rating of 0.001 micron
  • Removes a heavy metals, microplastics and pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, and agricultural chemicals
  • 7,500 Litres or 12 months
  • Includes durable lead-free brass fittings
  • Standard 1/2" BSP threads connect to a multitude of pipe joiners, including but not limited to 16mm PEX, 12mm or 6mm (¼”) cold water pipe/tube
  • Can be mounted horizontal or vertical or used inline to fill tanks.
  • Flow Rate: Depends on water pressure. When water pressure is 80psi flow rate will be 10 litres per minute. This is usually the highest pressure you will see at a Caravan Park tap. When installed in a caravan with a 55psi standard caravan pump, the flow rate is 4 litres per minute.
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