Bore Water & Sediment Filter

The Thirsty Nomad Bore Water and 1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
Thirsty Nomad Bore Water & Sediment Filter. Reduce the dissolved minerals in bore water that clog filters and cause that unpleasant sulfur smell. $89.95 INCLUDES ALL FITTINGS AS PICTURED
Our 2 pack of refills will last you up to 9,000 litres depending on water quality. Fits directly into bore water housing - no need to buy a whole filter, just insert the replacement filters - as pictured. $79.95
The right way to fill your van and treat Australian Bore Water. Fill with our Bore Water & Sediment Filter then "purifier" in your van with our '5 IN 1' PURIFIER.
The Thirsty Nomad Bore Water and 1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter removes algae, rust, dust, sediment. Comes in a handy, sturdy tube for storage & transport.

TIRED OF CARAVAN WATER FILTERS QUICKLY CLOGGING FROM BORE WATER ? Tired of there being no economical or practical solution to treat Australia’s bore water….

Many caravan parks will be providing you with Bore Water.

In rural areas groundwater can be a safe and reliable water source. Water from bores, spearpoints (shallow bore installations), springs or wells may be of high quality if the source is well maintained and protected. However, groundwater can be contaminated with:

  • sewage
  • animal wastes
  • agricultural runoff (which may contain fertilisers and pesticides)
  • polluted stormwater/floodwater
  • seepage from rubbish tips and other chemicals.
  • naturally occurring chemicals (e.g. arsenic)

Some groundwater may also be affected by hardness, salinity and other naturally occurring chemicals.

Groundwater contamination can move from the original source of contamination over a wide area or very deep underground. Contamination can persist for a long time as groundwater moves slowly and often lacks the natural biological, chemical and physical processes that help cleanse surface water (e.g. sunlight).

Please note, our Bore Water & Sediment Pre-Filter will not make your water microbiologically safe, our “5 in 1” Purifier will make the water free from harmful pathogens. This is why we encourage our customers to use the Pre-Filter to “fill” and the “purifier” to disinfect and ‘purify’ your drinking water. 

Australia’s bore water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron in it – this can result in a mineral oxidised bacteria film clogging those granular activated carbon filters, rendering them useless.

We want you to get longevity out of your “5 in 1” purifier, it’s a high performing purifier and we want you to get the most life out of it as you can.
Protect your appliances from debris, sediment, dirt and rust as well reducing the minerals found in Australia’s Bore Water and protect your “5 in 1” purifier by filling your tanks with the Thirsty Nomad Bore Water & Sediment pre-filter. 

Let’s understand a little more about Australia’s Bore Water.

Bore water salt and mineral content is extremely variable around Australia – it’s a bit like the lottery. There are primarily 2 types of bores in Australia, Sub-Artesian and Artesian. Most of time (generally) Artesian Bore Water is of good quality (some may have a sulphur smell, trapped as sulphur dioxide) – this will eventually “off-gas” if you let the water stand for a period of time and is relatively harmless to drink. Some bores may have high iron. In general, the Artesian water is quite clear (no turbidity) and quite drinkable – this is due to the rock formation that is passes through – which tends to filter any particulate matter out before it gets trapped on top of an impervious rock layer. Artesian water also is often quite ‘safe’ to drink and usually doesn’t have too many bugs growing in it.

Deep wells drilled into rock to intersect the water table and reaching far below it are often called artesian wells in ordinary conversation, but this is not necessarily a correct use of the term. Such deep wells may be just like ordinary, shallower wells; great depth alone does not automatically make them artesian wells. The word artesian, properly used, refers to situations where the water is confined under pressure below layers of relatively impermeable rock.Confined or deep aquifers are usually deep underground which helps protect the water source. These types of aquifers are usually covered by more than 20 meters of rock or clay which act as a natural filter preventing microbial contamination. Unconfined or shallow aquifers are not protected by thick layers, because they are closer to the surface above and are susceptible to both chemical and microbiological contamination.

Bores operated by licensed water providers such as a regulated Water Corporation  for drinking within aquifers (mostly confined and at depth) are protected from contamination as they are located: in areas with restricted development and land usage and are controlled by catchment management plans.

For too long caravanners were being sold overpriced granular activated carbon filters to fill their tanks – with the frequency of caravanners using Australia’s mineralised bore water, these caravan (fill) water filters will quickly clog.

You have all seen those granular activated carbon filters quickly clogging in outback Australia!!!
Professionally installed and optimised water filtration systems always has a sediment filter as the first stage of filtration, this allows the secondary stages of water treatment and finally the ‘purification’ process to effectively work to protect you and your family from harmful pathogens.

Our customised ‘combined’ bore water &  1 micron sediment filter will treat bore waters and their problems including: scale build-up caused by calcium, magnesium and iron

The dissolved minerals of calcium, magnesium and iron typically found in Australian bore water will quickly clog a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter. That’s because, put simply, GAC filters are not the right filter type to fill tanks with.

GAC filters are not designed to remove suspended fines or handle the dissolved minerals found in bore water.

Treating the dissolved calcium, magnesium and iron in bore water will save your appliances and pipes from sediment, dust, fines and bore water minerals – to give you the right filter type for the right job and provide you with the longevity out of your Thirsty Nomad “5 in 1” Purifier.