Spare set of 1/4″ to 1/2″ Nylon Fittings for the “5 in 1” Purifier

Spare Nylon fittings for the “5 in 1” purifier
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For the Thirsty Nomad “5 in1” Purifier

The end of the 5 in 1 Purifier is 1/4″

The larger end of the fitting is 1/2″ which is standard to fit the push fittings that you’ll use ot connect your Thirsty Nomad “5 in1” into your water lines.

These are a spare pair should you require

When you buy the Complete Kit or the “5 in 1” Purifer these come as Standard, included.

We are listing these in case you need some spares or if you might have mis-placed them.

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